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Welcome to the Clearways blog. Our aim for the blog is to provide expert commentary on transport demand management news, projects and policy developments from around the world. We hope that our contribution to debates on transport demand management levers will prove useful for policy-makers, practitioners, citizens and politicians.

There are many trends that are driving particular interest in traffic congestion, demand management and Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) approaches for roads – which is a specific area of focus for Clearways, and will feature prominently in our commentary.

How We Can Really Solve Congestion

For those of us committed to ending congestion, the latest Inrix and TomTom reports make depressing reading. In the TomTom report, out of 189 cities just 13 cities had congestion improving versus 146 getting worse. The Inrix report also showed a significant worsening...

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How London is leading the rest of the world down a dead end

London (along with Stockholm and Singapore) is one of the poster children for how a city should tackle congestion. In studies into congestion in cities around the world, London is consistently  held up as an exemplar. Recent studies in Vancouver, New York and Auckland...

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The Multiple Step Problem

One of the key challenges with various approaches to road usage charging is the ‘Multiple Step problem’.   When policy reforms are politically challenging, a common approach is to try and break it up into smaller chunks and take multiple steps - the theory is that...

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Getting the Most out of Road Pricing Trials

Jurisdictions around the world are either conducting road pricing trials or looking at potential trials, often off the back of a study into road pricing and as part of a wider road reform package.  A number of states in the United States including California have...

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Cordon Zones in Australia? Maybe Not

We recently saw the release of Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne by the Grattan Institute in Australia ( The report used Google Maps travel time estimates to examine congestion in Sydney and...

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